Nature Video

Video: Griffith Park Hike with GoPro camera, Los Angeles, California


I threw together a super quick cut of a sloppy little series of clips I shot at one of my recent hikes at Griffith Park. I just took the GoPro camera in hand so it’s a bit rough but hopefully fun to watch.

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Calyx & TeeBee – Elevate This Sound


Forthcoming on Ram Records… stunning new tune from Calyx & TeeBee: Thanks to JDB for the tip!

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British Touring Car Championship – Drift Recovery Compilation Video


Holy whoa! These drivers have skills and love to swap paint:

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Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life


This TED Talk by Jane McGonigal is Super Better! She talks about using resilience exercises to stay happy after trama and live a longer life. Super agreed.

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autoKratz – Always More


I stumbled upon this song via Spotify and love the vibe. Happy Friday!

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